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Gateway Estate Sales LLC 

Company Message

Estate Sale Process 

There are many reasons for a person to have an Estate Sale: Financial Circumstances, Moving to a new home, your health or a death in your family. No matter what the reason the details can be overwhelming. Let us help you in your time of need.

Free consultation. During this meeting we:   

  • Meet with you at the residence were the sale is to held.
  • Discuss your needs and time line.
  • Decide on a date for sale.
  • Discuss after sale options.
  • We review the general contents and if you decide to proceed with the sale we:
  • Present you with our contract you will have two - three days
  • to look over the contract.
  • If you decide to continue with the Estate Sale you will give us a call at (586) 979-2087. We will meet with you and both parties will sign the Contract Agreement.
  • We will then obtain a key to the residence.

Sorting and set up Process:

  • Once the contract is signed, there can be no more
  • merchandise added to this estate sale, unless there is an
  • agreement between both parties.
  • Set up and display items in a neat and orderly fashion.
  • Research items to ensure they are priced right.
  • We will clean, price and label all the merchandise.
  • We will remove all rubbish and trash in preparation for the sale.
  • We recommend that you do not throw anything out.
  • We will take pictures and then begin to advertise.

Day of the Sale:

  • We will provide signs for the customers, including: Entrance, Exit, Do Not Enter, No Smoking, and General pricing etc.
  • Sufficient staff to cover the sale: Cashier, Floor Help etc.
  • We create a safe and comfortable environment for the sale.
  • We prepare the home for high volume traffic.
  • We will obtain all necessary permits if needed.

After the Sale:

  • After the sale is completed, if requested, we can refer you to a clean out service if necessary.
  • You will receive a summary of totals for the sale with a receipt book.
  • Within 48 hours of the sale, we can provide you with a check for the proceeds of your sale. Minus our commission fee.
  • If a refundable retainer fee was paid to us and the Estate Sale proceeded with no issues we will deduct the fee from our commission fee or if you decide that you need a clean out of the residence after the sale the retainer fee may be used for the clean out service.
  • At this time we will return your key with your check.