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Gateway Estate Sales LLC 

Company Message

Our Services

Staging is a very important part of setting up an Estate Sale

You want to create an atmosphere that makes your customers want to shop

  • A Professional Conducted Estate Sale Inside or Outside Your Home
  • Free Consultation to Evaluate all Contents of the Estate
  • Complete Staging and Sorting Services.
  • Pricing all Items to be Sold at the Estate Sale.
  • The Selling of all Contents and the vehicles from the home, on your behalf, on a commission basis.
  • Removal of all trash in preparation of the sale. We ask that you do not throw anything out. This means more money for you. Only remove the items you wish to keep and leave the rest for the Estate Sale.
  • Professional set-up: Items are washed if needed and displayed on our tables.
  • Pricing: All items are researched and priced at current market values to maximize the total cash income.
  • Promoting and Advertising your sale. We advertise your sale in a local area new paper and display pictures on EstateSales.Net.
  • Providing the necessary staff to set-up and conduct the sale in a professional manner.
  • Obtain all permits when needed.
  • Place Professional Directional Signs Around Your Neighborhood.
  • Safety & Security in Your Home.
  • Cover Carpet Where Needed. ( Additional Fee )
  • A Sales Agreement with all Details.
  • Complete Accountability - including Sales Receipt Book, A hand written Summary listing the items sold in your sale.
  • Retention of all personal documents for the family.
  • Payout Within 72 Hours After the Last Day of Sale.
  • A Broom Sweep Out of Home after the sale ends.

Additional Service Fees:

  • Unsold items are retained by family or boxed and donated to a charity of Your Choice.
  • After the sale is completed, if requested, we can arrange for a pick-up of left over merchandise.
  • Professional Cleaning service to clean the home for Real Estate showing or new home owners.